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In Thompson's Station, there are basically three types of ticks you have to watch out for. They are the American dog tick, the Lone Star tick, and the brown dog tick. Let's take a quick look at them and discuss some tips to get rid of them in your yard.

The American dog tick is brownish red in color and has a preference for dogs, but dogs are certainly not the only animal these ticks feed on. In their junior stage, they'll take raccoons, opossums, mice, rats and other small animals as a host. When they mature and fall off, they will seek larger animals such as cattle, deer, and dogs. This can make them a big problem for pet owners because the American dog tick can spread diseases to dogs and humans.

Lone Star ticks are brownish with a pale dot in the center of their backs. These ticks are prone to latch onto humans and can be found in vegetation by the hundreds. They're definitely a bad past to have in your backyard.

Brown dog ticks are brown or dark brown with reddish coloration. While these ticks are canine specific, they can sometimes bite humans. The thing to really think about with these ticks is that they are the only ticks that can complete their entire life cycle indoors.

Simple Tick Prevention

There are three main ways you can reduce ticks in your yard. Two you can do yourself.

  • Since ticks are brought into your yard on wild animals, everything you do to control wild animals will help to reduce ticks in your yard. Keep your exterior trash in covered receptacles. Put fencing around your property or around outdoor canine recreation areas. Reduce yard clutter to provide fewer hiding places for animals.
  • Ticks require a lot of moisture. If you keep your landscaping dry, you can actually make it harder for ticks to live in your vegetation. Put space between your plants, trim tree branches, and trim bushes. These will let the sunlight and the wind dry your plants after you water them.
  • Tick treatments performed by a licensed and experienced service professionals. There really is no better way to protect yourself, your family, and your pets from the threat of tick-borne diseases.

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