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We recently discussed troublesome fruit flies in Middle Tennessee homes but these are not the only flying pests that could be causing you problems. Among the many different species of flying critters found in homes, fungus gnats and drain flies are two common and unwanted house guests. While it is hard to control these pests who reproduce so quickly, there are many ways to prevent them from getting into the home, laying eggs, and multiplying.

Fungus Gnats

For homeowners, fungus gnats are mostly a problem when it comes to your houseplants and places of excess moisture. They are very small only about 1/10 of an inch in length and they are often described as looking like mosquitoes. If you are finding fungus gnats in the home, your houseplants are likely the culprit.

In order to prevent these pests it is necessary to find and eliminate their breeding source. Instead of frequently watering houseplants, it is best to wait for the soil to dry (at least the top two inches) to make it harder for fungus gnats to breed. Also, change the soil in potted plants once in awhile so that you are starting fresh, free of potential fungus gnat infestations. Since they are most attracted to moisture you should also eliminate excess moisture from the home by fixing leaky pipes and having proper ventilation in the bathrooms.

Drain Flies

Another type of pest that may be intruding your Middle Tennessee home are drain flies. These are even smaller than the fungus gnats, only about 1/16 inch in length with a fuzzy looking appearance. They feed on organic matter and sewage which makes both the kitchen and bathroom appealing locations for drain flies to be found.

To prevent an infestation of drain flies you will need to remove organic matter from drains in the house as well as storm drains which will remove their breeding sites. Physically cleaning the drain will help to get rid of drain flies and prevent future breeding, unlike any old drain cleaner.

If you are experiencing problems with fungus gnats or drain flies in your Middle Tennessee home and your efforts to control them are just not cutting it then it is time to contact All-American Pest Control to help! We provide pest control services to homes throughout Middle TN including Nashville, Franklin and Brentwood.

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