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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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When it comes to pest management, sometimes the best methods to control or deter pests requires nothing more than changing the landscape a bit. Since we're heading into the time of year when bugs and wildlife are going to be a whole lot more active, we've put together this list of helpful landscaping ideas that will work to reduce pest populations in your yard.

Tips To Deter Pests In Your Yard

  • Cut the grass. You're probably going to do this one anyway, but we're putting it in so you understand how important it is. There are many pests that are drawn to taller grass. A yard that is not cut regularly is a magnet for pests.

  • Trade out some plants. If you have any plants in your yard that allow water to collect on their leaves, these will provide a breeding spot for mosquitoes and a drink of water for other bugs. Consider trading those plants out for some foliage that will keep mosquitoes away, like lavender, basil, catnip, and many lemon-scented plants.

  • Add a buffer for mulch. If you have mulch, or any other wood product, near your foundation walls, this will be attractive to wood-destroying organisms such as termites, and carpenter ants. It is best to create a 2-foot buffer all the way around your home's foundation. And, if you have any untreated wood in your yard, be aware that these are attractive as well. Consider replacing wood borders with pretty stones to reduce all forms of wood-inhabiting pests.

  • Reduce shade. If you have areas of dense shade, be aware that this will prevent the sun from drying these areas after it rains. Trimming things can provide the necessary sunlight to make the soil in your yard less inviting to moisture pests.

  • Trim bushes and trees. Many pests use branches as a bridge to get onto your home. Keep these trimmed back to make your home less accessible.

  • Think about your lights. If you have exterior lights as part of your landscaping, be aware that many insects are drawn to light. Keeping lights off at night, or replacing white bulbs with insect-resistant yellow light bulbs, can help you reduce pests.

  • Weed control. Sometimes weeds grow up in patches around a home, especially if there are objects sitting next to exterior walls. Keeping those weeds plucked will deter pests from coming into your yard, and from coming in close to your home.

When you have fewer pests in your yard, you're going to have fewer pests exploring your walls for entry points. For added protection, consider partnering with a professional. At All-American Pest Control, we provide a wide range of residential pest solutions for homeowners in Middle Tennessee. Schedule a free home evaluation today, and see how much of a difference a pest plan can make.

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