4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Do you know someone who is benefiting from routine mosquito services in their backyard? Have you visited a friend who used to have a backyard full of mosquitoes, but now you're hard pressed find a single mosquito feeding on you as you spend time in their backyard? Mosquito reduction services can have an amazing and dramatic effect. If you've been thinking about giving it a shot in your backyard but are thinking it is probably too late to make a real difference, we want you to know that it isn't. There's still time!

Mosquito season isn't over yet. We're not going to see an end to these frustrating pests till right around Halloween, when we usually get our first freeze. That means more than two more irritating months of mosquitoes. Do you know what will happen in the next two months? The average female mosquito lives less than 2 months, and they will be replaced by more mosquitoes. So, the mosquitoes that will be biting you in your backyard for the next two months are going to be birthed in the next two months--maybe even in your own backyard--unless they're destroyed before they have a chance to hatch.

What about mosquitoes that come from outside of my property?

Mosquitoes rarely travel more than 300 yards in their lifetime. Most of the mosquitoes that bite you in your backyard are birthed on your property or near your property. When you have pest service that actively kills mosquitoes in your yard, there is a good chance you're going to notice the difference it makes.

At All-American, we offer a cost-effective program that kills mosquitoes, and over 45 other common household pests that come in close to your exterior walls. It begins with a detailed inspection by an educated professional to determine what pest pressures are present. This is followed up with a perimeter application to targeted areas, and routine visits from a professional pest technician, who will apply a misting application to reduce all targeted outdoor pests--which includes mosquitoes.

Perimeter Plus is a full-service pest plan. It doesn't just kill mosquitoes, and it doesn't just get rid of pests around the perimeter of your home. If you see pests inside your home, all you have to do is give us a call and we'll come treat the inside of your home at no additional charge.

Take your backyard back. Schedule Perimeter Plus service for your home, and get protection for over 45 common household pests while you make your backyard a playground for your family, instead of a playground for all those mosquitoes. All of your backyard activities will be more fun with fewer bugs. Let's get you scheduled today! The team here at All-American Pest Control is looking forward to serving you.

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