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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Stinging insects like bees and wasps like a BBQ probably about as much as you do. And as the summer wears on, their populations grow, which makes them keener and keener on finding something yummy to feed their larger than ever colony. But having stinging insects invading your BBQ doesn’t make your BBQ very popular to all the people that were actually invited and swatting at these pests while spending time outdoors is not a good scenario. What can you do to make your BBQ a little less interesting to all bees and wasps in the area? Here are some helpful tips on how to uninvite stinging insects to your next summer BBQ.

  • Keep the food and drink under wraps until everyone is ready to eat.

  • If you don’t want to keep the food put away, consider purchasing some mesh food covers to put over your food to keep it safe from uninvited stinging insects.

  • Once people are done dining, make sure that food waste and other garbage is put into a trash can with a tightly fitting lid.

  • Make sure your guests are drinking from bottles that have caps or they are drinking from cups with covers and straws. Click here to see an example of cups that will keep insects from climbing inside. One of the worst things that can happen is to have a wasp or bee climb into a drink and then fly out and sting someone that is trying to take a sip from the cup!

  • If you recognize that there is a beehive or wasp nest on your property, have it dealt with by a pest control professional before you plan a BBQ on your property.

These tips can help reduce problems with wasps at your next BBQ, but it won’t un-invite them entirely. Since brightly colored clothing and floral scents can attract stinging insects, you could always tell your guests to only wear drab colored clothing and to forgo the floral perfumes… but most people don’t like to be told what they can and can’t wear to a BBQ! The best bet to keep your guests safe from stinging insects at a summer BBQ is to enlist the help of a pest control professional. Even if you don’t have an obvious nest on your property, it is always a good idea to have a pest control professional come to your home and examine your property to check for any hives or nests that you may not have noticed. The trained eye of an expert can help make your property safe for guests and you can feel confident that at your next BBQ, stinging insect problems will not occur!



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