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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1039 Reviews

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The vibrantly colored Asian lady beetle (Harmonia axyridis) is not indigenous to the United States. It was brought in by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a form of bioremediation. Asian lady beetles are beneficial creatures that do a wonderful job of controlling crop-destroying pests like aphids and scale insects. But, what do you do when the creatures you've brought in to control pests starts to become pests themselves?

In all fairness to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Asian lady beetles were introduced in 1978 and did not start to be an overwintering pest until the early 1990s. It is believed by some, that the species of lady beetle that now drives us crazy in the fall is actually another species of lady beetles introduced to the United States by an Asian freighter that took port in New Orleans. Either way, these are bugs we don't want crawling around inside our homes by the hundreds. Here are some tips for keeping them out.

Lady Beetles Control Tips

  • You are probably already aware that screens are the first line of defense against Asian lady beetles. You've probably seen them crawling on your screens in large numbers. Make sure they are not able to find any holes to squeeze in through.

  • Do a thorough inspection of your exterior walls and make sure there are no holes. If you find gaps, cracks, or holes, use a caulking gun to fill them.

  • Keep your exterior lights off at night and draw your curtains. Asian lady beetles are attracted to light.

  • If you must have lights on outside, for security reasons, consider changing the bulbs to yellow insect-resistant bulbs.

  • Make sure all door sweeps make good contact all the way across.

  • Inspect weather stripping on sliding doors for damaged bristles.

  • Check the mortar around basement windows and reseal if necessary.

  • Make sure that all of your gable vents are covered with window-grade screening.

  • Have a pest control company assist you with pest control protocols that will deter these pests from congregating on your exterior walls.

If you're bracing yourself for the inevitable invasion of Asian lady beetles this year, call All-American Pest Control for a free home evaluation. Our team of pest specialists can assess entry points and put a safe barrier on your foundation that will keep Asian lady beetles, and other overwintering pests, from getting into your home.

Asian lady beetles may be a benefit to those who work in the agricultural industry, but when they come to congregate on our homes by the hundreds, and even thousands, it essential to let them know they are not welcome. Let All-American Pest Control help you put out the "unwelcome" mat this fall when unwanted pests pay you a visit.