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Tick season is here and it’s time to keep these ticks in check! There are many of different types of ticks found throughout the world and one of the most common ones you will hear about is the deer tick (aka the black legged tick). Ticks are commonly found in tall grass or wooded areas. When talking about deer ticks, these guys can be a health risk to you, your family and pets. Tick bites from deer ticks and some of the other species are known for transmitting over 65 different diseases. The most commonly transmitted diseases are Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.


Through the summer months you will see the most tick activity. This is because the young ticks are starting to venture out. These ticks are small and hard to spot and this makes them easy to miss when doing a tick check. This is also the time when the weather is at a peak and people are doing more outdoor activities. Ticks can attach themselves to you or your clothing during outdoor activities such as hiking, running, walking, golf, horseback riding and gardening. Use caution when going into high grassy areas or dense wooded areas and make sure to double check for any ticks on your body when you come inside.


For tick prevention in your backyard, here are a few tips:


  • It is best to keep your grass mowed short as ticks prefer tall grass.

  • Try to keep wooded areas away from your home, or at least attempt to keep the areas you frequent more groomed.

  • If you can, try to create a tick barrier between your home and lawn with mulch, gravel, or tar.

  • Try to keep moisture down in your backyard by redirecting water to flow off the property.

  • If you do notice ticks in your yard, make sure to call for professional tick removal as this is not a pest you want to attempt to get rid of on your own.


These simple tick prevention methods will help deter ticks from hanging out near your home and thus causing a greater risk for getting a tick bite and even a tick borne illness. Keep in mind that every time you are out for a hike or run, ticks may be out there too. Try to stay on paths, wear appropriate clothing and repellants. Ticks usually find their way into your home by traveling on pets. There are many options for tick repellent for pets so you will want to talk with your veterinarian to ensure your pets have the best tick protection possible.

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