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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1048 Reviews

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The two mice we see most in our Middle Tennessee service area are the house mouse and the deer mouse. A house mouse is 5 ½ to 7 inches long from head to tail, and grey or brown in color with a light tan underside. A deer mouse is around 6 inches long from head to tail with grayish-brown fur above and white fur below. It is important to tell these two mice apart because deer mice are primarily responsible for transmitting the Hantavirus to humans, which is a growing threat in the United States. But both of these mice are vectors for human pathogens, harmful bacteria, and parasites. Here are some ways they may try to get into your Middle Tennessee property.


If you have gaps around pipes and electrical conduit, or cracks in foundation walls, mice will exploit these holes. It doesn't take much of a hole for a mouse to gain entry. If it finds a hole that is slightly larger than the size of its skull, it can work its way in.

Wall and Door Frames

Mice have strong incisors which they use to chew through wood. They can chew through a screen and work their way through the frame of a window. Once inside a wall void, there are many ways they may emerge into common areas.

Under Your Garage Door

If your garage door doesn't have a complete seal, especially near the corners, mice can work their way in. It is important to make sure your door makes a good seal and that it is kept closed.

Air Vents

Mice can jump to gain entrance to air vents. It is important to keep vents covered with some form of screen material.

Rooflines and Chimney

If a mouse can get up to your roof, they can gain entry through your roofline or chimney. They will do this by using tree branches as a bridge or by climbing up downspouts. Deer mice are especially good at doing this.

If you haven't had mice get in yet, you can find some great tips for general exclusion here and some tips here for excluding mice before they get onto your property in the fall.

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