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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Ants are a type of pest that commonly invades barbeques, picnics, and other outdoor gatherings—particularly when people are consuming food. While many generally expect the presence of ants in natural, outdoor environments, some property owners might encounter a large group of ants within their homes. Ants have six legs, antennae, compound eyes, and typically form massive colonies.

Little black ants (Monomorium minimum) have a small body that measures approximately 1/16 of an inch and appears either dark brown or black. Little black ants are most active during the summer months and often form large trails that actively search for food along walkways.

Do black ants bite or sting? Despite having a stinger, little black ants lack the strength to pose any health risks among humans.

Have little black ants entered your home in droves? A seasoned Hendersonville pest controller knows how to get rid of black ants safely and will make recommendations regarding the best means of preventing subsequent intrusions.

Why Are Little Black Ants Drawn To The Kitchen?

What do ants like to eat? In nature, these pests might have a diet consisting of small insects and plant juices. Ants are creatures that will consume many of the same foods that humans do; therefore, keeping kitchen areas free of crumbs is critical. For example, the majority of ant species will eat meats, fruits, grains, and sweets.

Keep in mind that kitchen-area trash bags containing food scraps will also attract these pests. Always place trash bags in durable receptacles with tightly-fitting lids that help prevent access. Never leave dirty dishes out overnight, and remember that crumbs in pantries or cupboards where dried foods are currently stored will likely draw ants and similar pests toward these areas.

The Dangers Of Leaving Ant Infestations Untreated

Little black ant colonies often house thousands of members. Ants generate pheromone chemicals that represent a form of communication that may signal the presence of food or warn others of potential danger. As ants travel, they will quickly detect these chemicals; therefore, somewhat minor ant intrusions can quickly become unmanageable.

Why Those Little Black Ants Are Hard To Control

Despite their relatively small size--little black ants can pose big challenges for property owners actively attempting to eradicate these pests and prevent them. Some of the reasons include:

  • Proximity: Little black ants routinely inhabit yard areas adjacent to homes, including beneath logs, rocks, or other forms of vegetation.
  • Appetite: As omnivorous scavengers, little black ants aggressively pursue and consume a wide variety of food sources.
  • Maneuverability:  At merely two millimeters, little black ants will easily penetrate a home’s exterior through tiny cracks or openings.
  • Colony size: Little black ant colonies sometimes house multiple queens and contain thousands of ants that may generate large infestations.

Homeowners should remember the importance of limiting attractants in their exterior areas by preventing access to outdoor garbage, cleaning up promptly after cookouts, and minimizing excess debris and overgrown vegetation.

Ant Control Made Easy For Hendersonville Homeowners

Too many local property owners mistakenly try do-it-yourself treatment options for ousting ants, including powders, traps, and baiting stations. Unfortunately, the majority of these mass-marketed products are insufficient for completely expelling larger infestations. In many cases, ants become deeply entrenched in hard-to-reach areas of the property, such as within walls and below floors.

The best initial step for preventing and controlling little black ants involves having pest extermination service professionals perform a detailed inspection. Upon inspection, specialists make recommendations regarding the best available forms of treatment. Exclusionary measures are among the most critical keys for preventing little black ants, which will easily penetrate the structure through very small openings. 

All-American Pest Control is a team of experienced pest controllers that understands how to get rid of ants permanently. Our experts remain committed to operating safely and protecting the local environment as a locally-owned organization. We will use eco-friendly pest control options when possible and recommend that local homeowners ask about our Green Choice Pest Control program.  

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