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We get most of our calls for fleas in June each year… but flea problems can come almost anytime. Flea inside treatments are included in our quarterly Perimeter Pest Control program & our Perimeter PLUS program. If you are set up on one of these programs and you get a flea problem, all you have to do is call. We’ll come and take care of your flea problem for no additional charge. (Same goes for most all other pesky little bugs out there)

Fleas are a situation where we need helps from you, the homeowner. There are some steps you can take to prepare your home and get a better, more thorough treatment. First of all…

    * Pick up toys, boxes, and other items lying on the floor
    * Vacuum floors, upholstery furniture, and any pet bedding
    * Take the vacuum bag (or empty the canister) outside of your home (don’t leave it inside to reinfect your house)
    * Have your house treated by a professional. You’ll need to stay out of your house until the material dries (about 2-3 hours)
    * If you haven’t had your pet treated, do so on the same day.
    * After the professional treatment, buy a cheap flea collar, cut it up, and place pieces in your vacuum bag or canister.
    * Vacuum at least every other day for 3 weeks (maybe 4).
    * Leave your thermostat at a constant temperature, do not turn off the air while at work or out of town.

These steps will get rid of your flea problem. It takes fleas 21 days to go through their life cycle. The professional treatment will kill all the adult fleas, but fleas will continue hatch for 21 days. Vacuuming with a flea collar in the bag will continue to reactivate the material as fleas continue to hatch, the flea collar will kill any fleas that get picked up by the vacuum.