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Bed bugs!  Those are two words that nobody wants to ever hear together.  Just the thought of those tiny little creatures sends shivers down your spine, and that would be bad enough but then there's also that stigma that is associated with them.  You know, that they dwell in very dirty, cluttered places. The stigma itself, by the way, is not even true.  Bed bugs could care less about the sanitary conditions of the place they choose to camp out in.  The only thing on a bed bug’s mind is whether or not they can find a meal; and since the meal they are looking for is human blood, well, they will settle in anywhere they can find people. 
Bed bugs are nocturnal, elusive, and difficult to control.  These little vagabonds don’t fly or jump.  They simply crawl onto a person’s pant cuff, sock, shoe, or bag and hitch a ride undetected to their new home.  Once inside their new location they will hide out in the most unlikely places and rest up for their night job of feeding on human blood.  They can slip away into wall voids, electrical outlets, behind baseboards, inside electronics, furniture, or any other place where it is dark and they can remain undisturbed and undetected. 
This habit is what makes bed bugs so difficult to eradicate.  After all, you can’t exactly just spray a spray into your television set or your new stereo, which is why at All-American Pest, we utilize dogs and heat!  Yup, you heard me right.  We have dogs that are trained to sniff out bed bugs like a police dog would sniff out drugs.  His highly accurate nostrils sniff those little bugs, and even the eggs, and alert our trained technicians to those elusive hiding places.  Once we know where these creatures hang out during the day, we can target our treatment effectively. 
We believe bed bug heat treatments are the most effective way to handle bed bug infestations. You see, heat can penetrate anywhere; and when done by a trained professional, it is completely safe to use, even around electronics.  Bed bugs cannot survive heat above 120 degrees, but it is way more than just turning up those thermostats and cooking those creatures out.  You have to know how to use heat without setting your home or business on fire and the heat has to be directed in the right ways in order to be effective. Heat is fast, effective, reliable. Heat is the least invasive and time consuming method of eradication and has the highest success rate of any other treatment as well.   
Here at All-American Pest we have invested in the proper training and equipment for this job.  Simply put, we are committed to eliminating bed bugs.  No bugs, no bites is our policy.  When you partner with us, you can choose either our Platinum Heat Treatment or our Gold Heat Treatment, depending on your particular circumstances and needs.  Either way, you can expect minimal preparation before the initial service, discounts on encasements and interceptors, and flat rate pricing all backed by our commitment to complete elimination of these pests.   When dealing with bed bugs you want fast and effective results, and that is exactly what you get when you partner with the certified professionals here at All-American Pest.  Give us a call to see which option is best for you.
When you partner with All-American Pest you can expect fast, reliable, effective service. All backed by our no bug, no bite commitment.