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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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If spiders had school dances, the brown recluse would definitely be a wallflower. These spiders do not like attention, and they are not inclined to be where humans are. They prefer still, quiet, undisturbed locations. This is probably why they have "recluse" in their name.


To identify this poisonous spider, you will need to look closely to make out a tiny, dark brown, violin shape upon its tan back. This can be difficult for two reasons: they are small, only 1 1/4 inches full grown and, as mentioned above, they are reclusive. This means they like to hide. Some of the places these spiders like to hide are inside boxes, in dark recesses, under cloth items on the floor, inside shoes, and inside bedding.

Problems Brown Recluse Spiders Cause

A brown recluse wouldn't be much of a problem if it remained totally reclusive. The problem is, they venture out to hunt for prey and hide in areas where you may come into contact with them. Since these spiders aren't out to bite humans, typically the only time they bite a human is if that human happens to come in contact with the spider accidentally. But if they do bite, it can hurt a lot. And it may not stop there. These bites can be slow-to-heal, necrotic wounds, with blood and pus, that rot the flesh under the skin and cause nerve endings to go numb. This is definitely a bite you should get a professional to look at.

Brown Recluse Prevention Tips

  • Make sure to shake out clothing or towels that have been lying on the floor before putting them against your skin. Remember, these spiders like to hide under things.

  • Carefully check your shoes before putting them on.

  • Pull down all your bed covers and sheets before climbing into bed, to check for spiders.

  • Use caution when bringing in boxes from storage. Consider opening these boxes outside in case there is a brown recluse or two, or three, hiding inside. It is also a good idea to use gloves when doing this.

While the above tips can help keep you from getting bitten by a brown recluse, you should seek the assistance of a professional pest technician if you see brown recluse in your home. The brown recluse can grow to large populations inside man-made structures, and this can lead to unintentional encounters that could have severe repercussions.

For immediate assistance with brown recluse, reach out us. The spider experts here at All-American are looking forward to serving you.

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