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Green has become quite a popular word.  And, many businesses believe that Green (money) will come with Green product offerings. At All-American we have been "green" before green was Green. Confusing, I know. I’m not trying to be… but truly, over 10 years ago we exclusively went to a green termite control program. We didn’t make the decision to do so for the sake of being green. We made the change because we felt it was the right thing to do for our customers, our employees and our business.  Sentricon uses grams of bait (the size of a sugar packet) to eliminate a termite colony verse hundreds of gallons of termiticide chemical. This decision has prevented us from using over 1.5 million gallons of chemical termiticide in Middle Tennessee homes.

Another area of our business where we made green strides before it was popular to do so was in general pest control. Traditionally, it took monthly visits and "spraying" inside a customers home on a regular basis to get rid of pesky spiders, ants, crickets,roaches in Middle Tennessee. This was the way pest control had always been done and this is the way we did it as well. A big change was made when we started treating the outside of the home inside of the inside. By moving the treatment zone from inside your home to outside your home, we were able to…

  • control pest from the outside before they ever became a problem inside
  • limit chemicals inside your home to only what is absolutely necessary
  • Save our customers valuable time because they do not have to be there to meet "the bug guy"

Recently, we have added an even greener pest control service. This is our Green Choice Pest Control program. This program is much like the service described above, but it only utilizes the latest technology in botanical based and natural pest control products.  It works very well in keeping pests out before they get inside and many Nashvillians choose this approach to pest control.

Currently, we do not recommend one service over the other. Both services work great! We leave it up to you to decide what is best for you and your family.