4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1056 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1056 Reviews

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We have all had it happen. We go grocery shopping on Saturday and buy all those yummy fresh fruits and vegetables. Monday we leave for work, feeling good about all the healthy choices we made for groceries this week and looking forward to that fresh salad at dinner and apple at lunch. When we return home on Monday night we discover that something amazing has happened over the course of the day; your kitchen, fruit bowl, and sink have become a virtual breeding ground for fruit flies! Argh!

Where did all these things come from!

Most likely you brought them home with you. Fruit flies seek out and feed on fermenting fruit. They also lay their eggs near the surface of fermenting fruit which means that we, unknowingly, bring them home with us. They could also be coming from your drain or garbage if there is any decaying organic matter in them.

How do we keep them out of our homes and businesses?

The most successful and easiest route is with services from All-American Pest Solutions. Our Perimeter Pest Control service can control fruit flies along with over 47 other different pests in your home. If you are a business owner, then we will control fruit flies along with many other pests at your business as well. You can search on YouTube and see many different do-it-yourself fruit fly traps, but these won’t get rid of the source of the problem, which is the point of infestation. Here are a few prevention tips to help keep these invaders away:

  • Inspect all fresh fruits and vegetables for any signs of rot, fermentation, or decay before allowing them inside.

  • Store fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator or in air tight storage containers.

  • Remove all trash on a daily basis and use a trash can with a tightly closing lid.

  • Be sure to regularly clean out all drains and rinse them well; especially garbage disposal drains.

  • Keep a clean, neat, and tidy kitchen and home. All flies are attracted to decaying organic matter, so keep your countertops, cabinets, and floors clean.

Fruit flies are an issue in just about every kitchen, commercial or residential, at some point. These small menacing flies seem to come from nowhere, increase like mad, and take a long time to go away! Restaurants, grocery stores, and homes are all involved in this war against fruit flies. This is an age old battle that doesn’t have to leave you on the losing end. With help from the professionals here at All-American Pest you can end this war once and for all. Contact us today for a free evaluation and stop fighting and start loving life pest-free!


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