4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1048 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1048 Reviews

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Fleas in the yard? Ticks on your pets? You’re not alone! Every day at All-American, we get phone calls about fleas and ticks that have become an overwhelming problem for homeowners in Nashville and surrounding areas like Mount Juliet, Hendersonville, Brentwood, and Franklin. We get enough calls about these pests that we felt a Q&A session was warranted on our blog to answer the questions you have about fleas and ticks and the treatments we offer. 

Q: Why do I have fleas/ticks?
A: That’s a good question! These are pests that require a host and you may have them inside your home because they were carried in by a family pet or even you may have brought them inside after playing or working in the yard. You may have also recently had a wild animal on your property that has helped spread fleas or ticks to your pets and then into your home.  It is also possible to pick up ticks while outdoors if you brush against any vegetation or other areas where ticks are sitting in wait for their next blood meal.

Q: How do you do flea/tick yard treatments?
A: Our flea and tick treatment for the yard includes misting your lawn with a pest control material as well as granular applications of material to provide you with longer lasting results.  We will make sure to apply the material throughout the entire yard.  If you should find fleas inside your home, that service is part of our Perimeter Pest Control program and we can get rid of fleas inside the home for no additional charge.

Q: How long do the treatments last?
A: Most customers choose to complete a flea and tick yard treatment on an annual basis.

Q: Why have I been seeing so many ticks this year and what kinds of ticks am I seeing?
A: This year’s tick population has boomed because of our mild winter and early spring. Tick identification can help you determine if the ticks you have found could be spreading diseases to whomever it has bitten. In Tennessee, there are 15 different species of ticks, which include the deer tick, the lone star tick, and the American dog tick. Check out our pest ID page for ticks for more information to help you identify the species you have on your property.

For flea and tick control in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and other Nashville, TN areas, All-American pest control wants to be your exterminator! With our flea treatments for the yard, or tick control treatments, you can help eliminate the pests that may be bothering you or your pets. Keep the questions coming; we’ll be happy to answer all your Nashville pest control questions!  

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