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Millipedes are interesting looking insects. They may look a little (or a lot) scary to those who encounter them. Millipedes get their name because it looks like they have thousands of little legs. Though most millipedes have 30 – 90 pair of legs, there is one species of millipedes that has 333 pairs of legs. They are blackish brown and grow up to 4.5 inches long. They have a long cylinder like body similar to a worm.


Why are you seeing them inside your home? Millipedes may be foraging for food in your home as do many insects. They eat plants and sometimes dead insects. Though their mission is harmless, they can give off a foul smelling odor that can be harmful to pets and leave blisters on humans.


Where do millipedes live when they’re not inside? They enjoy areas with a lot of moisture and vegetation. You may find them in grass clippings, hanging around trash cans and piles of leaves. If you find a millipede in your home they can usually only survive for a few days. However, if they find a high moisture area near your home with a food supply, they may stick around a while. They are considered a minor pest in general however they can be harmful to a garden or greenhouse and really, no one wants to have these worm like insects popping up around their home or property.


If you are trying to get rid of millipedes around your home, here are a few tips.


  • Remove moisture: Millipedes are attracted to areas of high moisture so if you remove these areas from your home and property you are less likely to have them venture inside.

  • Lawn and garden maintenance: Keeping up with your mowing your lawn is not just for good looks. It can also deter a lot of different insects from taking up shelter in your yard.

  • Remove leaf and grass piles: A good leaf pile is a millipede’s favorite place to hang out. Removing these piles as soon as possible will prevent them from finding a home in your yard.

  • Keep wood piles away from your home: This will not only deter millipedes but also termites and other wood destroying pests.


If you find that you have a major millipede infestation in your yard or home, call a professional pest exterminator. Like many other pests, you will want the expertise to assist in not just getting rid of the millipedes you’re seeing now but also helping to prevent their return. Often this is best accomplished with a year round pest control program to deter many different pests.


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