4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1039 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1039 Reviews

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It’s all the rage to be ‘green’ and eco-friendly and to minimize the size of our carbon footprint, but the question our customers ask us is, “does natural pest control really work?” Our answer to our doubters is YES! The terms natural pest control, green pest control, environmentally friendly pest control, and organic pest control are terms that homeowners and business owners ask about all the time. Yes, it works… but since these words mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, we decided to write this pest control article about what green, natural, eco-friendly and natural pest control mean to us at All-American.

First and foremost, we believe in keeping all materials outside your home the majority of the time. Keeping materials outside as much as possible is a feature of both our green and traditional pest control service programs.

Also, both our traditional and green pest control services include what our industry terms Integrated Pest Management or IPM. Again, IPM alone does not mean green, natural, or organic pest control, but IPM is a critical aspect of quality, professional pest management. At All-American, we define the steps of Integrated Pest Management as the following…

  • Inquire – You, as our client, are the most knowledgeable and most helpful person we can rely on to provide information regarding your home or business.

  • Inspect- A thorough inspection is critical to developing an effective treatment plan.

  • Identify – No two pests are created equal- correct identification is important to help us identify the source, select materials, and set realistic expectations.

  • Recommend – Many times there are things that we will recommend a homeowner or business do or don’t do to help us eliminate pests and prevent them in future.

  • Application – If needed, we will apply materials to help eliminate and prevent unwanted pests.

  • Follow-Up – We will always call to check in on the process of the pest issue around 2 weeks after the last treatment. We will continue to follow-up until the pest issue is resolved.

While minimizing materials inside and Integrated Pest Management are aspects of green or eco-friendly pest control- all quality, professional pest control services should include these aspects. These qualities are not what makes a green pest control service green or eco-friendly. Our green pest control service is green because of the application materials we select, not because of how we do the service.

Essentria is a material made from plant-based oils blocks insect neurotransmitters that are essential to their survival. While IPM is the cornerstone of quality pest control, Essentria is our go-to product for our Green Choice Pest Control service because is utilizes plant-oils to keep pests away.

In addition to plant-oils for pest control, we incorporate borate-based pest control solutions as well into our green pest control, eco-friendly programs. Borate is derived from boron, an element that is found throughout nature. This control material blocks a pest’s ability to derive nourishment from the food that it eats, killing the pests without harsh chemicals.

Our third go-to material for our Green Choice Pest Control program is Nyguard. While Nyguard boast a traditional label and safety data sheet, we include it in our Green Choice Pest Control program because the World Health Organization has approved it’s active ingredient to be used in drinking water.

Click here for more information on our green choice pest control service methods.  Or simply contact us to find out how we take care of pests using eco-friendly treatments.  Our experts would be happy to discuss our eco-friendly pest control options as well as our traditional pest control treatments for both homes and businesses in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Give us a call today to schedule your first appointment!