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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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In the fall, we begin to get visitors inside our Nashville homes. They're brown, shield-shaped, and some would say they stink—hench the name stink bug. But not everyone thinks stink bugs stink. Sure, most people describe the smell in an unfavorable way, such as comparing it to burning rubber or the spray of a skunk, or just going straight to calling it a foul stench. But there are some who don't mind the smell because it reminds them of cilantro or coriander. Regardless of what camp you fall in, you probably don't want bugs crawling around in your Nashville home no matter what they smell like. Let's take a look at few tips for dealing with stink bugs.

When Stink Bugs Get In

If you already have stink bugs inside your Nashville home, you need to be cautious about how you get rid of them if you don't like the smell they emit. A vacuum can get the job done quickly but you're going to have to dispose of the bag when you're done and that can get costly. There is a trap you can make with a 1-liter plastic bottle that does a good job of capturing stink bugs but don't let the stink bugs sit in the bottle for too long. It can get gross.

Before Stink Bugs Get In

Fall is an important time of year to prepare for stink bugs because this is the time of year when stink bugs congregate on sun-warmed surfaces and begin to hide in cracks to protect themselves from the cold temperatures. Your fall stink bug prep should include the following:

  • An inspection of your exterior.
  • An application of a high-quality silicone caulk to small gaps, holes, and cracks.
  • An application of expanding foam to larger holes.
  • Repair damaged screens.
  • Replace damaged door sweeps, weather stripping, or bristles on sliding glass doors.
  • Repair damaged soffits.

Need Help?

The best protection from stink bugs and other fall pests is to invest in a residential pest control plan like Perimeter Plus pest control from All-American Pest Control. We would love the opportunity to tell you about Perimeter Plus and our three-step process for dealing with over 30 common Tennessee pests. Reach out to us today to chat or to schedule a free home evaluation. The Nashville pest control experts at All-American is looking forward to guiding you in this essential protection for your health and property.

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