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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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If we could have a carpenter, mechanic, plumber, electrician, personal trainer, chef and cleaning staff, most of us would jump at the chance. Just think, perfectly nutritious meals prepared all the time. No more vacuuming, dusting, dishes or laundry, ever again. And when the car needs an oil change, no one tells you because your full-time mechanic has already taken care of it. And that wrap around covered deck that has been in everyone’s dreams is just about done because with a carpenter at your home all day every day, nothing is ever broken, or in need of repair. Now that would be pretty neat. I think out of them all, the one that I would choose would be a carpenter. There're few things that we invest as much into as our homes. Our homes show our history, our present and reflect towards our future. The scratches on the floor, the fingerprints on the windows, the dog hair that multiplies, and the photos that don the walls. Our home is most assuredly a special place.

One type of carpenter that you don’t want hanging around your home is the carpenter bee. These solitary bees can cause damage to the wood exterior of you home and any wood products that are outside. Carpenter bees are generally black and yellow with shiny black abdomen, but they can be all black. Many people often them confuse with bumble bee. These anti-social bees do not live in or make nests. They bore holes in wood where they live and lay eggs. They will re-use and extend these tunnels as time goes on, laying more eggs and creating more damage with their tunneling.

If this tunneling and egg laying doesn’t sound like enough damage, there’s another whole facet to the damage that these pests can inflict on the wood that they are destroying and that’s woodpeckers. These birds can hear the larvae of the carpenter bees inside the tunnels and find them to be quite tasty. So, they will peck away at the wood that the larvae are calling home until they can partake in their larval delicacy and they don’t care if it’s the siding of your house, swing set, patio chair or fence. We often get calls about ‘crazy’ woodpeckers who are pecking away at homes or other things that they wouldn’t normally be interested in. To professional pest guys and girls, like us, that just means one thing, carpenter bees.

If you have been seeing these ‘black’ bees hanging about your home or some so-called confused woodpeckers, give us a call today and schedule your free home evaluation. The only carpenters that should be hanging around your house are ones that you invited in and not the ones that are tunneling and destroying it.

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