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Now that spring is officially here, the carpenter bees are back! If you had a problem with them last summer, you can expect to see them again this year too. Carpenter bees are creatures of habit. If they were born inside the wood in your home, they will return to their ‘home’ to create their own nests and start making their own families. Repeated damage that comes from year after year of carpenter bee infestations can lead to structural problems. Carpenter bees nesting in your home can also attract hungry woodpeckers too! Having woodpeckers attacking the side of your home is less than ideal. Here are some helpful carpenter bee prevention tips to get rid of carpenter bees in your home this spring.

  • If you know you’ve had a carpenter bee problem before and you can recognize nesting sites from years past, fill these nesting burrows with steel wool. Blocking the entrance to the burrow can deter carpenter bees, but may not protect your home from future carpenter bee problems.

  • Stain or paint outdoor wooden surfaces that are unstained or unpainted. This will help protect the wood from carpenter bees as well as future weather or water damage.

  • Replace any wood that appears weathered or water damaged. Damaged wood is easier for carpenter bees to infiltrate than undamaged wood.

  • Have a Nashville pest control professional inspect the exterior of your home for carpenter bee damage and treat your property accordingly.

Yes, over the years, carpenter bees can cause damage to your home. But some of the most severe damage that comes from the presence of carpenter bees is a result of woodpeckers searching for carpenter bee larvae inside homes. If carpenter bees are currently nesting in your home, you’ll want to contact a Nashville pest control professional immediately. Our pros can help evict these pests so their presence will not attract woodpeckers.

What are some of the signs that you may have a carpenter bee problem? They may include:

  • Small round holes bored into the siding or framing on the exterior of your home. These holes will be about a ½ an inch in diameter.

  • Large male carpenter bees buzzing protectively around an area on the exterior of your home. These bees may seem aggressive but the male of the species cannot sting you.

  • You hear carpenter bees inside the wood in your home. When they are working on hollowing out their burrow, you may notice the sound of chewing.

  • You notice piles of sawdust near a wooden structure or object and you notice bees flying around the area.

If you have noticed any of these signs around your Nashville home, we recommend giving us a call immediately. We offer effective treatments for carpenter bees that will eliminate these pests as well as the larvae they have laid inside the wood in your home. We also offer treatments and suggestions to help you avoid having a carpenter bee problem in the future. Protect your home from the damage that can be caused by carpenter bees and the woodpeckers that feed on them. Contact the pros at All-American Pest Control today for more information on our carpenter bee control services.  You can also click here to schedule your first inspection.

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