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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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With a name like ‘black widow spiders’, these arachnids are sure to strike fear into the hearts of many. Believe it or not, these spiders are pretty docile and will only bite you if seriously provoked, but when they do bite, you’d better watch out! Considered as the most venomous spider in North America, this spider can deliver a dangerous bite that can cause swelling, cramping, nausea, sweating, difficulty breathing and vomiting. Luckily, most of these symptoms will disappear in just a couple of days, but in a very small percentage of cases, (mostly for the very young or very old), these bites can actually be fatal.

So… Now that you know why you should watch out for the black widow spider, we will tell you that your chances of coming into contact with this specific arachnid are pretty slim. Even if your home had them in every dark corner, they typically remain in their messy-looking webs, waiting for insect prey to come to them. These arachnids are mostly found outdoors in Tennessee- you can find them in moist areas around the perimeter of your home near AC units and crawl space door openings. You may also find black widow spiders hanging out under your kids’ sandbox cover. If you were to come into contact with a black widow spider, they would rather run from you than bite you, but if you were to accidentally step on one or put your foot into a shoe that is harboring one, they may bite you in self defense. To avoid coming into contact with these spiders in TN, the Franklin pest control pros at All-American have got a few tips to help you with black widow spider prevention around the home.

To prevent spiders from entering your home, eliminate the holes or gaps in the exterior of the structure. Spiders can sneak in through even the tiniest holes, so check around the foundation, siding and areas around where utility pipes or cables come into the home for any holes that need caulking. By removing possible entry holes, you are also limiting the number of insects (AKA spider prey) that make it into your home.

  • Always keep an eye out for black widow spiders. Knowing what they look like and keeping your eyes peeled for these spiders and their webs can help you to steer clear of them if you should find them on your property.

  • To avoid spider bites, always shake out clothing and shoes before you put them on your body. Shake out sheets and blankets before getting into bed as well.

  • Wear shoes indoors and outdoors; stepping on a black widow can incur their venomous bite.

  • Wear gloves while working outside or in your garage.

  • Increase light in dark and undisturbed areas to lessen the possible hiding places for these arachnids.

  • Remove piles of brush and logs around your home to limit harboring areas for black widow spiders.

  • Have a pest control company perform perimeter applications to prevent black widow spiders from becoming a problem on your property.

For more spider prevention tips, or to schedule your first appointment with the Nashville pest control professionals at All-American, please give us a call. Our professionals know a great deal about spider pest control and we can help you eliminate the environments that welcome black widow spiders; we can also help you get rid of black widow spiders in your home quickly and effectively. Contact our professionals today to learn more about our home pest control services in Nashville and surrounding Middle Tennessee areas.

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