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If you think you may have bed bugs…call a professional today. Whether it's All-American Pest or someone else. It doesn't matter… what matters is early detection and action. Currently, the industry offers very few effective bed bug monitoring options. Many creative, problem solving, sleuths are out there trying to invent or develop an effective solution for bed bug prevention, monitoring and control, and I'm hoping some game changing products or devices or on the horizon.

Our friends at Cooper Pest Solutions and Bed Bug Central, have spent hours of research to determine which monitoring options actually help to detect bed bug infestations at ultra low level infestations. Most all bed bug monitoring and detection devices work when there are 100 bugs. The question is which bed bug monitoring device works when there are only 5 bugs and the occupant is still unaware there is a problem.

We have found three physical devices to be particularly helpful in detecting the low level infestations. We define levels of bed bug infestations in three categories. A low level infestation is 1-20 bed bugs, a moderate level infestation is 21-100 bed bugs, and a high level infestation is over 100 bed bugs.

Mattress and Box Spring Encasements

Mattress and Box Spring Encasements are essential for bed bug control and monitoring. We recommend Protect-A-Bed mattress and box spring encasements with BugLock. Mattress encasements protect your bed and box springs from future infestations and drastically reduce future bed bug inspection/detection time. Not all encasements are created equal, it is important that you use Protect-a-Bed and/or MattressSafe encasements.

Interceptor Devices

An interceptor device is a very simple device that can play a very important role in the battle against bed bugs. We recommend ClimbUPs. The device is a pitfall trap that is placed under the legs of a bed or furniture used for sleeping or resting. Bugs in other parts of the home or dwelling will travel in search of a blood meal and can be intercepted and trapped as they attempt to gain access to the beds or other furniture that is used for sleeping. For interector devices to work, remove bed skirts and blankets that touch the ground and pull you bed at least 3 inches from the walls.

NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor

NightWatch is an active bed bug monitor that is intended to detect bed bug infestations early. The device employs three distinct bed bug attractants, emitting both heat and CO2 to mimic a sleeping host as well as a chemical attractant that is effective with both immature and mature host-seeking bed bugs. This monitoring device is particularly helpful in vacant dwellings, pre-move  inspections, and environments where hosts are not sleeping on a regular basis. The crew at Bed Bug Central tested this device extensively, and it is essential to run the device for a minimum of 4 consecutive nights.

A visual bed bug inspection by a person is often not cost effective and sometime near impossible when hunting for an ultra low level bed bug infestation. Bed Bug Dog Inspectors is another option and a musch more viable option for ultra low levels than a human visual inspection. Dogs and handler teams have their drawback as well.

If you want a proactive approach to bed bug detection and/or you think you may have a problem, call today! 615-883-8526 We'll be glad to come out and help you to determine your risk level, prevent options, early detection options and/or develop an elimination plan, if needed.