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Asian lady beetles, commonly mistaken for ladybugs, are pretty bugs that inspire the child in most of us. They are pretty to look at, they are fun to catch, and their beautiful bright bodies are a nice addition to your garden and outdoor space.

What is an Asian Lady Beetle?

You know them as ladybugs, but Asian lady beetles are slightly larger. The insects are just as long as they are wide – about 3/8 of an inch. Asian lady beetles are more orange and tan in color than they are red, and they bear more black spots on their wings. It is not uncommon for Asian lady beetles to sport more than 15 black spots. Common garden ladybugs generally have 5 to 6.

Asian ladybugs also differ from their cousin when it comes to their predatory habits. They are more aggressive than the common ladybug. If you don’t want a bite from this bug, don’t touch it. The Asian lady beetle is capable of consuming between 100 and 250 aphids in a single day, which is great for farmers and gardeners. The aggressive nature, however, is not good for families with little ones.

What Happens When Asian Lady Beetles Get Inside

You don’t want an Asian lady bug invasion. Once you get one or two, you can quickly discover clusters of hundreds or even thousands of these speckled insects. Don’t forget; these insects are still beetles, regardless of their attractive appearance. You would not want beetles, cockroaches, and other pests in you home, and should feel the same about the Asian lady beetle.

When Asian lady beetles enter your home, they smell. If the Asian lady beetle is bothered or rustled, it will emit an odor that acts as a deterrent to its predators. When they are in your home, you, your kids, and your animals become the predators. Not only does this secretion smell, but it can stain your walls and furnishings. If you suffer from allergies, or you have a child who does, it is not uncommon for sufferers to experience mild irritations caused by the Asian lady beetle’s chemical

When the Asian lady beetle enters your home, it emits a pheromone that alerts others to your home. It’s like the beetle flashing a vacancy sign, and all his friends will move in, too. Homeowners, renters, and business owners have all experienced hordes of Asian lady beetles in attics, crawl spaces, garages, and in the walls.

Ways to Prevent Asian Lady Beetle Invasions

To prevent an invasion, you need to cut the Asian lady beetle off at the source and prevent it from entering your home.

  • Do not leave windows, doors, screens, and garage doors open.

  • Do not set traps that catch only one bug.

  • Use a treatment outside your home.

  • Vacuum your home often.

  • Spray your plants with an insecticide that prevents aphids.

  • Seal cracks, holes, and other crevices in the home from which the bugs may enter.

If Asian lady beetles do get in, you need to contact a professional at All-American Pest Control to evaluate the situation and create a solution for effective treatments.

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