4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Summer break is in full swing here in Franklin and you know what that means, more summer fun in the backyard. And you're not the only one who will have fun in your backyard. Birds will be dancing on tree branches, squirrels will be scampering along fences, and gophers will be waddling around. You might even be lucky enough to see a deer if you're close enough to wooded areas. But, when birds and furry animals come into the yard, they don't usually come alone. Those critters can bring fleas and ticks with them.

Nothing ruins summertime fun like the presence of ticks and fleas in the yard. Both of these parasites are able to spread harmful pathogens. And some pathogens spread by ticks can lead to lifelong medical complications.

Wildlife Management

The control of fleas and ticks begins with control of wildlife. Try these tips to reduce wildlife traffic near your home:

  • Keep exterior trash in sealed containers. Make sure those containers are secure and unable to be knocked over by raccoons.
  • Refrain from putting bird feeders near your home. Birds can carry ticks into your yard and when tick eggs are shed in shaded locations around your perimeter, those ticks may find the perfect conditions to hatch.
  • Keep your lawn trimmed regularly to make your yard feel less like nature.
  • Remove lawn clutter to limit rodent harborage.
  • Keep landscaping next to your home uncluttered. This will make it less protective for animals that might explore your foundation perimeter.
  • Protect food sources and harborage options with fencing. Make sure fences go at least a foot down into the ground in order to prevent burrowing animals.

Moisture Management

Fleas and ticks require high humidity to survive. Try these tips to control moisture near your foundation walls.

  • Inspect exterior spigots and hoses for leaks and repair any leaks you find.
  • Repair damaged or obstructed gutters.
  • Rake up leaves to prevent rainwater pools from forming.
  • Remove any objects that collect rainwater
  • .Trim trees, bushes, and other vegetation to allow the sun to dry the water after it rains.

Tick Management

Unlike fleas, ticks can crawl into your yard. They don't require wildlife to get from place to place--though it is easier. If you have wooded areas on or around your property, install a 3-foot barrier of gravel to prevent ticks from entering outside recreational areas.

Professional Pest Control

For the best control of fleas and ticks in your yard, partner with All-American Pest Control. Our Stinging & Biting Insect Yard Treatment program will provide your property with routine misting applications to vulnerable areas and granular applications of material to your yard for long-lasting protection from fleas, ticks, chiggers, and fire ants.

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