4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Some would say ants are just a nuisance pest. Others say they cause no real threat to you or your home. Oh, really? How about we put those people on trial and see what the jury has to say?


The Prosecution: Members of the jury, it is the prosecution's intent to show that these ants, without willful intent, engage in the continual practice of breaking and entry, vandalism, and accidental injury. It is the position of the state that this cross section of our population be made to adhere to the laws regarding public property, and segregated for their own protection as well as the protection of all citizens.


The Defense: Esteemed members of the jury, my clients have been wrongly accused of causing harm to humans and damaging their homes. I believe if you open your hearts and your minds, today we will see that these little creatures present a danger to no one and should be extended the rights and freedoms all Americans deserve. After all, are they not residents of this fine country?


Evidence from the Prosecution: It is widely documented that ants build their homes on the property of others. These ants enter homes without permission and raid food storage areas. Carpenter ants chew their way through rotted areas of wood, making those areas larger, and break through into wall voids. Once inside, they chew galleries through wood, costing homeowners millions of dollars in repairs every year.


The prosecution also called a psychologist to the stand to testify that finding hundreds of ants crawling in, and on, the food in one's pantry can cause psychological damage.


The prosecution requests reparations for property damages and emotional distress, and requests that ants be made to find a place to live in nature, rather than on a property owned by another.


Evidence from the Defense: The Defense pleads insanity, especially for crazy ants.


The Verdict: The jury finds ants guilty on all counts, and sentences them to be excluded from property that does not belong to them. Although they are Americans, they cannot be allowed to infringe on the rights of other Americans. In the interest of public safety, a program of ant awareness should be put in place to inform home owners on how to keep ants from gaining unlawful access to their property and their food reserves.


If you have ants trespassing on your property, year-round pest control is the solution. With routine visits and perimeter pest treatments, you can keep carpenter ants from damaging your home and ant species from continued encroachment. Year-round pest control will protect your home from a host of other invasive pests as well. Make your property "your" property, and keep pests out.

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