4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Avoiding mosquitoes is a tricky task. On one hand, you can modify yourself to avoid mosquitoes (dousing yourself in insect repellent and covering up skin with long sleeves and long pants tucked into socks…fashionable...) and on the other hand, you can modify your environment. Either way, in order to avoid mosquitoes on your Nashville property, you have to do SOMETHING. These pests don’t seem to take a day off, especially when they’re after your blood. If you’re not interested in wearing long sleeves and long pants in the hot Nashville summertime and you’re not a big fan of the smell of bug spray, consider making some environment modifications around your home to limit the number of mosquitoes you swat away this summer. 

To modify your environment to make it less attractive to mosquitoes, you need to reduce the areas of standing water that can be found. Female mosquitoes (the only ones that actually bite!) need a place to lay their eggs and their favorite spot is on the surface of standing water. If you have ANY sources of standing water on your property, get rid of them now. Those kid’s toys that have been collecting rainwater in the back yard need to go- or at least you need to make it a habit of dumping them out whenever you see they’ve collected water. It takes mosquito eggs just over a week to hatch, so checking for areas of standing water on your property twice a week would be a good idea. Other areas of standing water that might not be as obvious include uneven areas of terrain (anywhere that may have collected a puddle), hollowed out tree stumps, clogged gutters, areas near where the A/C unit drains, potted plants, old tires, badly draining ditches and bird feeders.  These are all great places to check for standing water, but unfortunately for you, mosquitoes can travel quite a distance and will do so in search of a blood meal. That means that all those tires and broken kid’s toys in your neighbor’s backyard collecting water could be a hot bed of mosquito breeding, which means all your mosquito prevention efforts won’t be doing you a lot of good. You could always try to discuss mosquito mitigation with your neighbor, but no one really wants to tell their neighbor to clean up their backyard, so avoid that awkward conversation and contact a pest control professional instead. 

At All-American, our Mosquito Reduction Services can help you eliminate mosquito breeding zones you’ve not previously thought about as well as help limit the population of adult mosquitoes that are on your property.  Our services for mosquitoes are unique, because they don’t just get rid of mosquitoes! When you contract our Mosquito Reduction Services, you’ll get relief from mosquitoes (of course!), outdoor flies, Japanese beetles, spiders and even box elder bugs.  We offer several options for mosquito control for your Nashville home with different packages that will help take care of all different kinds of pest problems you may encounter through the year. Contact us today for more information on our Green Choice program, our Perimeter Pest program and our Perimeter PLUS program to find out what service is right for you. 

Stop swatting at mosquitoes and pick up the phone. Dial 615-824-8814 and find out what All-American can do for you! 

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