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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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The world is changing. Sixty years ago you would have called an exterminator to get rid of your bug problems, and they would have come and sprayed a generous amount of pesticides on every inch of your home and yard. But the invention of world-wide communication has ushered in an age of smarter, safer bug prevention. Modern pest companies that utilize Integrated Pest Management techniques, implement exclusion methods, and a much more limited and focused treatment of pesticides, to buffer insects, instead of eradicating them. Because, as it turns out, the world would not be a better place without bugs.

Here are four insects that are great for nature, but no so great inside your house.

Termites. It goes without saying, this is not an insect you want to have in your house. But termites are very important to nature. They help to decompose wood, especially in dry environments. This makes them important to the ecosystem, but their inclination to seek safety in man-made structures makes them a pest to exterminate with extreme prejudice.

Carpenter ants. This will make you laugh...carpenter ants are beneficial because they eat termites. If you're worried about termites eating your home, it is nice to have some carpenter ants around. The problem is, carpenter ants also burrow through wood, and make galleries in your home. The trick is to keep them around your home, but not in it.

Spiders. Spiders are great. They eat flying insects that bug humans and attack gardens and flowerbeds. The one you most want to have spiders eating is, mosquitoes. But spiders in your house will be leaving even larger red welts on your skin.

Halloween beetles. Also known at ladybugs, these pretty little insects are wonderful for your garden. Adult ladybugs eat aphids--which are damaging to plants--and their hungry larvae are even better at killing garden pests. If you have a garden, this is an insect you want around. But, hundreds of ladybugs on your deck, walls, and screens, is a nuisance. Their excretions can stain fabrics, and their hard bodies can drive you batty when they smack into your face.

Here's the trick

These insects, and a whole host of others, are great to have around your home. Through the implementation of exclusion methods, and the focused and limited use of pesticides, a professional pest management company can help you control these bugs, and make life nicer for your family, while protecting your home. Learn about Integrated Pest Management, and find out how you can separate the ecosystem of your home, from the ecosystem around your home, and keep those bugs where they can be beneficial.

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