Home Pest Control in 12th South, Tennessee

12th South is a neighborhood that is full of older restored homes, older homes tend to have more character than new builds, but they also have more cracks and crevices for pests to wiggle their way into your home through. The professionals at All-American Pest Control are trained and experienced in protecting any home, from new to very old, from a wide variety of pest problems through any of our home pest control programs.

Our Perimeter Plus Pest Control program provides protection for over 47 different pests; it includes exterior preventative application and indoor treatments upon request. This program also provides spider web removal and outdoor misting treatments.

Our All-For-One Advantage program provides home pest control plus the benefits of termite colony elimination.

Our most comprehensive program is our All-For-One Complete program provides pest control for your home and yard, plus termite colony elimination!

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12th South area of Nashville, TN Rodent Control

Protecting your property from invading rodents is very important. Rodents are not only a nuisance to have running behind your home’s walls and above your ceiling, but they are dangerous and damaging. They leave behind trails of urine and excrement; contaminate food with their saliva, chew holes in clothing, furniture, and other personal belongings; and damage wires, pipes, and other structural elements of your property.

The best way to protect your home from these damaging beady-eyed little pests is to put into place a year-round pest control program. Rodents can enter into buildings through a space no larger than the diameter of a pencil, they hide in hard to reach areas. Professionals have the experience, dedication, and experience needed to eliminate any size infestation from any size home or property.

Get rid of existing rodent issues from your home and protect it against future infestations by putting into place our year-round rodent control program today!


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Green Pest Control Services For The 12th South area of Nashville, TN Property Owners

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At All-American Pest Control, we like to give our customers options; one option that we are proud to be able to offer our customers is Green Pest Control programs. Our Green Pest Control program allows our customers to choose completely eco-friendly solutions to protect your home and family from pests like ants, spiders, flies and more! Our green eco-friendly options include:

  • Essentria™ - Essentria uses plant-based oils to control insects. Essentria works to block a neurotransmitter that is specific to insects; by blocking the insect’s neurotransmitter they cannot survive. This product is completely safe for pets, birds, fish, and people to be around.
  • Borates- Borate-based pest control solutions work to eliminate insects by blocking a pest’s ability to get nutrition from the food that it eats. People and pets are not affected by borates and borate-based pest control solutions are completely safe for both to be around.
  • Sentricon® System with Always Active™- Sentricon® with Always Active™ is a very effective, non-invasive, chemical-free way to eliminate and control termite populations in and around your home.

Why Choose All-American Pest Control In The 12th South area of Nashville, TN

All-American Pest Control is a local, family-owned company that has served residents and business owners throughout Middle Tennessee since 1961. All of our employees live in close proximity to the cities, towns, and neighborhoods that we service, this helps us to have a deep understanding of the pest pressures that each of our customers faces.

It is important to note that we are QualityPro certified, this means that we have exceeded the standards set by state and federal regulations in the areas of employee education, business operation, environmental stewardship, and consumer relations.

In addition to residential pest control, rodent control, and green pest control, we also offer:

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