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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1055 Reviews

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Sow Bugs

What are sow bugs?

detailed illustration of sow bug

Sow bugs, also known as "roly poly" bugs, are rounded on top, flat on bottom, and have armadillo-like segments covering their body.

Adult sow bugs grow to be about ½ an inch in length.

They have seven pairs of legs, two antennae, and are dark gray with two tail-like appendages coming off their hind end.

When sow bugs are threatened or they become nervous, they will instinctively roll into a “c” shape.

Are sow bugs dangerous?

Sow bugs do not cause any health problems in people and do not contaminate food sources found within homes. Sow bugs are not dangerous, but they are a nuisance. They can invade your home in large numbers and be difficult to eliminate without professional help.

Why do I have a sow bug problem?

Typically sow bugs are found hiding outside underneath compost, mulch, leaf piles, landscaping ties, and trash cans. At night, they will emerge to feed on decaying organic materials and may accidentally enter homes through cracks and crevices found in the foundation or underneath exterior doors. Inside homes, they are typically found in basements, crawlspaces, and laundry rooms because, in order to survive, they need to live in high humidity areas since they cannot retain water within their bodies.

How do I get rid of sow bugs?

Sow bugs can invade homes in large numbers and will invade the hard-to-reach areas making finding, treating, and eliminating all invaders hard to accomplish. Getting help from a pest control expert that has experience eliminating sow bugs is the most effective way to get rid of an infestation. At All-American Pest Control, we can help to find and eliminate all sow bugs and other common household pests from your home through our year-round Perimeter pest control program or our Green Choice pest control program.


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Can I do it myself?

DIY pest control products found at hardware and big box stores are not only often ineffective against sow bugs and other household pests, but they can also be dangerous for you, your family, and your pets to be around if they are not mixed or placed properly. The best way to safely and completely get rid of these pests from your home and to prevent a re-infestation is to get help from a professional sow bug control expert. If sow bugs have infested your home, contact the experts here at All-American Pest Control today.

Why choose All-American Pest Control?

With over 50 years of experience, we know the time, effort, and patience it takes to solve any pest problem, including problems with sow bugs. By choosing All-American Pest Control, you can be sure that you will receive quality services, thorough treatments, and a commitment to solving your pest problems by our trained, experienced, and friendly pest control experts in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

How can I prevent problems with sow bugs in the future?

Along with getting help from the sow bug control experts at All-American Pest, the following prevention tips can help to prevent problems with these pests in your home:

  • Install door sweeps underneath all exterior doors.
  • Caulk gaps found around any exterior doors, especially sliding glass doors.
  • Use dehumidifiers and air conditioners to reduce humidity levels.
  • Store woodpiles and trash cans up off the ground and away from the outside of your home.
  • Remove piles of leaves, grass, and other organic debris from your property; especially any that are located near your home.

If sow bugs have become a problem in your home, contact All-American Pest Control today!


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