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How Bad Is It To Have Silverfish In My Brentwood Home?

Silverfish in Brentwood are pretty gross. When you find one wiggling its way across your bathroom floor, you're not going to want to put up with that for long. But, after you've dispatched that creepy little pest with a rolled-up piece of toilet paper, how concerned should you be? Here are a few questions that might cross your mind about silverfish.

silverfish eating pages in a book

Do silverfish bite?

If you know that silverfish eat paper and fabrics, you might be concerned about them biting you—after all, it isn't easy to bite through these materials. Well, we have good news. Silverfish don't actually bite. They scrape. So, you need not fear a silverfish biting you defensively. You also don't have to worry about one scraping on your skin while you're sleeping because silverfish eat cellulose and starches. You're not made of either. They're going to look for books, documents, clothing, starchy foods, and dry foods to scrape and feed on. 

Do silverfish spread diseases?

If you know that silverfish can get into pantry foods and lay their eggs, you might be concerned about the transmission of bacterial diseases. While silverfish can certainly become pantry pests, there are currently no cases of silverfish to human disease transmission. When we discuss silverfish contaminating pantry foods, we're referring to the insects themselves as the contaminant. There are few people that are happy to find silverfish in their stored foods. 

Will silverfish damage my stuff?

When silverfish find their way into your Brentwood home, they're going to gravitate to humid spaces or locations that have moisture. They are going to be happy to feed on a juice spot under your refrigerator, or eat some dead skin in your bathroom. But, they'll also take to feeding on a few things that you might not want them to, such as:

  • Books

  • Financial documents

  • Photos

  • Clothing

  • Drapes

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Upholstered furniture

  • And more.

It can be very bad to have silverfish in your Brentwood home if you have valuable items that can't be replaced, such as rare books or a wedding dress passed down from your great-grandmother. While silverfish aren't going to do a lot of damage fast, the small amount of damage they do to valuable items, or the extensive damage they can do over time, can be devastating.

Silverfish Prevention

There are many ways you can prevent problems with silverfish. Here are a few suggestions from the experts on staff at All-American Pest Control.

  • Store valuable items in sealed plastic totes. This protects them from destructive insects and other pests that can get into your attic spaces.

  • Address humid spaces in your home. You would be amazed at the impact a dehumidifier can have on silverfish and other pests.

  • Use the fan in your bathroom when you take a shower or bath. This vents the moisture out and makes your bathroom less humid. Silverfish are going to prefer to be in your bathroom if it is humid.

  • Fix leaky showerheads and faucets. A continual drip can leave moisture droplets sitting in sinks, tubs, and showers.

  • Store starchy or dry foods in sealed containers. Not only will this keep silverfish out, it will work to keep other pantry pests out.

  • Address conducive conditions around your home to reduce silverfish activity and reduce unwanted entry. Silverfish will be attracted to the perimeter of your home if you have lots of leaf litter, moisture, weeds, overgrowth, woodpiles, brush piles, etc.

  • Inspect the exterior of your home and seal any potential entry points. Pay close attention to rotting wood, damaged mortar, cracked foundation walls, and poor seals around exterior doors.

The Best Protection Of All

When considering silverfish management and control, remember that you're not alone. The service team here at All-American Pest Control can get rid of those silverfish for you. We use field-tested methods and EPA-approved products to systematically locate and eliminate these insects. We can also help you keep silverfish out of your home. Our Perimeter Plus Pest Control is the perfect solution to reduce perimeter pests and prevent unwanted pest entry.

If you live in Brentwood, you're in our service area. Reach out to All-American Pest Control today and schedule a home evaluation. This is an easy way to learn about the pests around, or inside, your Brentwood home, and to find the answers that will help you keep them from damaging your stuff.  We also off commercial pest control services in Brentwood along with yard treatments.


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