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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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What is a Boxelder bug? It is another pest that you're going to start seeing in the fall.

A Boxelder bug is a black beetle with a fiery abdomen. When they're young they're a bright red color, but when they get older into adulthood they're black with kind of a bright orange red fringe around the edges.

They get their name from what they like to feed on which would be Boxelder trees, bushes, and things of that nature.

Boxelder bugs a lot of times are in the mulch, along the edge of a house, a lot of times they'll be behind shutters. During the Summer, once again they'll be out in the foliage, but as it starts to go to fall and a little bit cooler weather they will migrate to the house. You'll go to a window sill on a nice sunny day and there may be two-hundred of them.

They mass in hundreds, I've seen them in thousands. They do not like cold. You'll see them clumped up on the sides of homes when it's real bright and sunny by the hundreds, by the thousands I've seen them before.

An entire wall, side of the house on the outside, nothing but a riving black mass so to speak and I've seen that plenty of times.

Boxelder bugs will be everywhere.

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