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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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There are a lot of pests out there that can be a real pain for you and your property. One of the worst insects for your garden as well as other vegetation on your property is the ground beetle. Ground beetles can grow to be about a half inch long and have grooves that run down their wings. These shiny, dark, sometimes metallic colored bugs are not often seen during the day as they tend to hide under rocks, leaves, logs or other moist areas such as the garden. While they don’t often fly, they can be very fast runners and tend to disperse if they are disturbed.

Ground beetles come out to hunt for food at night. They are also drawn to light, so they can become a real nuisance around your outside light or near windows. There are several different species of ground beetles. Some eat slugs, worms, other beetles as well as many other soft bodied bugs, while others eat plants and seeds. Ground beetles can be beneficial to your property by keeping the number of other bugs and pests down, they can also eat up the ones you need to make your plants and other vegetation grow.

For the most part, ground beetles are a problem outdoors, but just like any other insect, they can find their way into your home. If they do get inside your home, rest assured they do not pose any known health risks to humans and a pest control professional can get rid of them fairly easily should they become an annoyance. Some ways to keep ground beetles out of your home include sealing up cracks and crevices, making sure there are no holes in your screens and making sure they fit the windows properly. You can also contact a pest control professional for preventative treatments.

Because ground beetles can do so much good for your property, control is usually only necessary when they start doing extensive damage or get inside your home. When it comes to deciding what actions to take as far as ground beetles are concerned, it is best to contact a pest control professional and to help you decide what treatment option would work best for the situation at hand. For more information on ground beetles including ways to get rid of ground beetles, contact your local pest control pros today!


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