4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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There's nothing more unnerving than stumbling upon a spider crawling around in a dark corner of your house...but is it poisonous? Let us help educate you on which spiders are poisonous in the Nashville area, and which ones are just downright annoying!

Sonja: “We do have two spiders in the area that are poisonous. One is the brown recluse, and the second one is a black widow. To help you identify them, here is a little bit about each one.”

John: “Brown recluse spiders are definitely a problem here in Middle Tennessee. Summertime is, first of all, their time, so we'll start seeing stories about people being bit. We tell them to watch out for small, brown spiders with markings. We end up getting a lot of calls worried about brown recluse, and our response usually is, ‘Let's come out and take a look. Let's put out some sticky traps. Let's see what kind of spiders you have. We'll help. We'll identify the spider. Maybe it is a brown recluse, maybe it isn't. We can decide what you need then.’”

Black widows are creepy. They are shiny, black. They love to hide. They love to hide where there's moisture, where there's heat. A lot of times, that's around a water feature, especially in the summertime. Around the entry to crawl doors, we'll see them a lot. They are a just a little creepy. We've been taught that, because they do have a venomous bite, to stay away from them. If you see one, if you think there's one, once again, give us a call. We'll come out. We'll check it out. We can help you with black widow spiders. The big thing is just be careful. Spiders bite because they feel like you're trying to harm them, so be careful.”

Sonja: “If you see spiders around your house, please call All-American Pest Control, or any other professional, to come out for a free home evaluation to determine what type of spider issues you're having. We want to make sure that we're treating for the correct type.”

“You could take a picture of a spider. If you would try to get a coin, whether it be a penny, dime, nickel, quarter, set it aside the spider so that we can have an idea of the size of it. You can go to our website, and click on upload a photo, and it will come straight to us. We'll be happy to take a look at it.”

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