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Ever wonder how a termite colony works? Surprisingly, the termites that do the damage to our homes are not the only type of termites that are living in the massive colonies. There are workers, swarmers, soldiers and the queen. Each member has their own work to do to support the growth and expansion of the colony. 

  • Workers- These are the wood destroying members of the colony. They are responsible for feeding the entire colony. 

  • Soldiers- The soldiers are the guards and protectors of the colony. They are responsible for keeping the queen and the members of the colony safe from threats of other pests. 

  • Swarmers- The reproductive members of the colony are called swarmers. They are responsible for mating and forming new colonies. You'll often see termite swarms happen in the early spring when conditions are just right. 

  • Queen- The queen is responsible for growing the colony. A single queen can lay up to one million eggs in a lifetime. 

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