4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Justin: Obviously, being like a first time dad and all that kind of stuff, you're a little freaked out. You know, I had one of those experiences last year where he started getting little bites on his face and it was like, okay, something's getting in here, then we start finding ants in the window sill in the room, so somehow they were getting in through way up high in the house. You know, obviously, needed to call somebody...Called All American Pest Control. They were on it. They sent somebody out immediately.

Anna: Ants is probably one of our biggest pest issues that we work on a daily basis, so we know what to look for.

Jim: We want to figure out what's causing the ants. We place baits, do education for our home owners and try to eliminate the problem more permanently, instead of just coming out and spraying something on the ants that you see crawling. The bad part of that is, homeowners have to understand, they got to let those ants live when they're feeding on that bait, but with our procedures and our program, we're going to call you in two weeks to say, hey, are the ants better? Do you need us to come back? Do we need to do something differently? We don't wait for you to get frustrated again and call us. We want to be proactive.

Anna: But, just knowing that it may take a little bit of time. It might take another visit, but we're going to be there. We're going to hold hands and get through it.

Justin: You know, you can be a little emotional in something like that, where it's like, okay, my kid's getting bit, I'm dropping everything, I need help with this, and you know, they came and calmed my mind on everything. It was way more thorough than I would have expected anybody to be and that's kind of the stuff when you have piece of mind with who you're using.

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