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While they don't pose a significant health threat to humans or pets, clover mites can still become a persistent nuisance for many homeowners. These tiny, agile mites are most active in spring once temps get above freezing. While their activity eventually comes to a halt with the heat of the summer, seeing large numbers of them around the doors and windows of your home can be alarming! Not only that, trying to wipe them off may leave unsightly red stains on your windowsills or exterior paint or vinyl.
Fortunately, All-American Pest Control provides helpful tips and tested solutions to help get rid of clover mites in and around your home. Our service team members have the background, knowledge, and skills to find their breeding and entry points and come up with a solution that fits your property’s needs. Read further to learn more about these tiny invaders, and how professionals in pest control in Mt. Juliet can prevent their reappearance around your home come autumn. 

How to Identify a Clover Mite

Clover mites are tiny, red or greenish-brown arachnids that are oval-shaped and about the size of a pinhead, measuring less than 1/4 millimeters. When squished, they leave behind a red stain often mistaken for blood. Clover mites are commonly crawling in lawns and gardens, or along crevices along the foundation, but will also invade homes and other structures, especially on the side that gets the most sun. They do not bite or pose any threat to humans or pets but can become a serious nuisance when they invade in large numbers.
If you think you may have clover mites in your Mt. Juliet house, contact a reputable pest control company for further assistance.

The Problems Clover Mites Can Cause in Your Home

Although you won't need to worry about a clover mite bite as they are harmless to humans, they still can be a pain to deal with if they enter your home. These creatures are so small that it's effortless for them to slip inside through tiny crevices, fractures, or cracks in doors, walls, and windows. These cracks and crevices are the perfect places to lay their eggs out of the reach of predators.
Clover mites have a bad reputation for leaving red stains on carpets, curtains, and other fabrics when crushed, which can be difficult to remove. Additionally, they can cause discoloration to grass blades and other plants when populations become large.
For these reasons, it's a good idea to involve our team from All-American Pest Control to help rid your home of these aggravating nuisance critters.

Clover Mite Prevention Tips for Mt. Juliet Homes

Most people take pride in their homes and don’t want to find unsightly stains on their belongings, so if you suspect you have clover mites, try these prevention tips:

  • Fill in small holes, crevices, cracks, or gaps with a silicone-based caulk.
  • Remove grass or vegetation that directly touches the exterior siding and foundation of your home.
  • With a damp cloth, gently wipe away any visible clover mites, or simply vacuum them up.
  • Reduce ground cover in your yard and keep your grass cut low.

Despite your best efforts, professional clover mite treatment may still be necessary. Contact a qualified pest service to inspect your home and offer other treatment tools.

The Most Effective Way to Eliminate Clover Mites

Don't let their harmless nature fool you. A clover mite infestation can be challenging to control and eliminate year after year. Seasoned professionals in pest control understand your neighborhood pest pressures and know when some years are just worse than others! They can work with your particular property to give you sound advice and a treatment plan that fits your needs.

Since 1961, All-American Pest Control has been providing exceptional pest management solutions to keep the properties of our Middle Tennessee residents comfortable, healthy, and safe. We offer reliable clover mite control to keep these nuisance pests away from your property. Our strong work ethic means you'll be satisfied with the results. Get in touch with us today to request your free home evaluation.

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