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Anna: Reliability is important in, not only your work history, but everything in your life. If you're reliable, everything will seem to fall in place. You're trustworthy. We know that you're going to be here. We know that you're going to back your teammates up.

Bert: The company's here for us and we're here for our customer. The company shows up to help whatever our customer may need. They're dependable. The company's dependable. We're dependable and we depend on our customers. We're reliable to them. We show up for them. You don't stay in business for 55 years unless you are reliable.

Caitlin: When people are taking off time to stay at home, to wait on somebody to come take care of their ant issue, or come out and take care of the termite protection on their home, they want to rely on someone that's going to be there and show up at the proper time. For anyone that does work a Monday-Friday job, having that reliability that they're going to show up in that time window that's scheduled is very important.

John: We have to do what we say we're going to do. That's what we build our entire service industry off of. We tell you that we're going to get rid of your ants. It may take a few visits but we're going to get rid of your ants.

We also have employees who are out there every day on their own all day. It's very important that we know the people we hire are reliable and are going to do what they say they're going to do.