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Did you know that your year round pest control service includes mosquito treatments? It's true! First we'll come to your home for an inspection and then remove any spider webs hanging. Next, we'll apply an exterior treatment to areas we can reach as well as a perimeter barrier to keep pests away. And what's better is that we'll also mist the yard and tree canopies to reduce mosquitoes and other flying insects. Call today to learn more! 

Year Round Pest Control Plus Mosquito Treatments

To protect your home from common household pests and mosquitoes, here's what you can expect...

  • The service starts with an inspection of the home and property

  • Spider webs are removed to prevent future inhabitants

  • An exterior treatment is applied to areas within reach

  • A perimeter barrier is added to keep pests outside

  • The yard ad tree canopies are misted to prevent mosquitoes and flying insects