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Termites do cause a lot of damage in Middle Tennessee to what is many times our biggest investment, our home.  But, this damage doesn’t happen over night…please know…you have time to do your research, look for a local, reputable company, and feel good about the investment you’re making to protect your home.

It’s disturbing… I get a phone call at least once a month from a homeowner terrified because they have found or have been told that they have termites by another company.  For instance, just last week, I lady called and you could tell in her voice she was stressed, afraid her house was damaged, and unsure of herself that she would make a good decision.  After asking her a few questions, I learned that another pest/termite company in the area found signs of termites in her crawlspace, over-exaggerated the problem, and told her that if she didn’t do something immediately that her home was in trouble. Now, finding termites in Middle Tennessee is not unusual… actually it is very likely as there are an average of 25 termite colonies per acre in this area.  However, what bothers me day after day is how this termite salesperson used fear and manipulation.

Don’t fall into this trap, do your research:

1. Ask your friends and family for referrals
2. Ask the inspector/sales person to show you the signs of termite activity
3. If you do feel comfortable with the evidence, have another company take a look
4. Ask if they saw any signs of moisture problems that may have contributed to the termite activity (moisture problems should be addressed for a termite treatment to work effectively)
5. Ask questions about the company and the owners of the company
6. Find out if your home qualifies for a termite damage repair agreement
7. Find out if you will need to retreat your home in the future, when, and an average cost
8. If you don’t feel comfortable, get a second or third estimate

Termite are small and can cause a lot of damage… but there is no reason to rush into a decision. It is a good decision to invest in quality termite treatments and on-going protection. It is equally important to know that you have time to make the best decision you can about a termite treatment for your home.