4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Aaron: You can definitely develop a flea problem at any time of the year. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that conditions aren’t perfect in your nice warm house for fleas to set up shop. You might notice some bites on your person, itchiness. Also if you have pets you notice them scratching a lot that’s a good indication.

Sonja: If you walk through the home and wear white socks or light socks as you’re walking and looking at your socks. If you see a dark brown or black little bug hop on you more than likely you have fleas.

John: If you’re a customer you’re covered. If you have PPC plus we cover you for fleas. Give us a call don’t try to do it on your own that’s why you’ve hired us. If you’re not a customer give us a call still we want to help you. We want to come out and take care of your flea problems. It will take some help on your part but we have options they can help you. We need you to get clutter off the floor because when we treat we want to make sure we’re treating all areas. We don’t want to leave any areas untreated. Even behind your door and your bedroom, under your bed.

Sonja: Once we do this service you and kids, pets, do need to leave the home for at least two to three hours or until the material is dry to the touch. Once the material is dry, which again may take two to three hours, it’s fine you all can go back in and go about your regular routine.

Aaron: You and your vacuum are going to become very good friends if you’re not already. You’re going to be vacuuming after we leave every other day for three to four weeks. When a flea is still in its egg stage nothing gets into that egg. No amount of material that we put down is going to reach them at all. By vacuuming what you’re doing is you're making those fleas that are still in the eggs think that there’s a lot of activity going on around them. That’s going to make them want to hatch out sooner.

John: When you vacuum what you want to do is take a flea collar. Don’t put the whole flea collar in the vacuum but just a little chunk of it. Because you don’t want those fleas reproducing in your vacuum or else we’re doing all these for not.

Aaron: In most cases as long as we’re following the proper procedures and everything you won’t need to see us again for another flea treatment.

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