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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Cockroaches raise many health and safety concerns when they get into homes here in Nashville. They are dirty pests that are as comfortable in a dumpster as they are on your cutting board. But these are not easy insects to control. In fact, it takes more than one method of control to effectively manage these invaders.

Proper Trash Size - Managing outdoor trash can go a long way toward resisting a cockroaches infestation. Outdoor trash is one of the biggest attractants for cockroaches. If you lure them in with the smell of trash, you increase your odds of cockroaches getting inside your home. It is important that all of your trash cans have lids that seal properly. This will keep smells in and cockroaches out. But, be aware that having too much trash in your cans increases the likelihood that a lid will be balanced on top of a bag, rather than sealed shut. And, if you have several cans full of trash, it is inevitable that they will produce a smell cockroaches will detect. It is a good practice to keep trash levels below 75%, dispose of trash at least once a week, and routinely clean your trash cans.

Protect Your Food - Cockroaches come into homes for three reasons: food, water, and harborage. Make sure foods that come in paper or cardboard are put into sealable containers. Put fruit in the fridge and bread in a sealed bread container, and only put pet food down during mealtimes. If you have any leaky or weeping pipes, look into get them fixed, so cockroaches can't get a drink.

Keep Things Clean - Cockroaches can find food in many strange places. They will nibble on food remnants stuck to a dirty plate so make sure your dishes are sitting in soapy water instead of in a dry stack next to the sink. They nibble on food stuck to the side of your oven, so be sure to clean the sides of your oven on a routine basis. They nibble on things that roll under the fridge, or under the couch, so deep cleaning is important. They nibble on rotting organic matter in your trash, so get a trash can that has a sealable lid.

Get Help - For complete exclusion of cockroaches, it is often necessary to get the help of a pest control company. Full control of cockroaches requires an education in the habits and habitats of these insects, as well as training in advanced pest control measures, to safely administer appropriate levels of EPA approved pesticides in target areas. It is never wise to apply pesticides without an education in pest control.

If you're fighting cockroaches in Nashville, the team here at All-American has the education and training to get the job done safely and effectively. Don't fight those bugs alone. Help is just a click away.

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