4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Tina: Being new to Nashville we've encountered many more insects in our home in East Nashville than we'd ever experienced further north.

Jessi: We have all kinds of trees in our backyard. Lots of animals that live in a field behind our yard and so we knew that there would be the potential for spiders and mosquitos and all kinds of things that come along with water being close to our house. We do have three small children so we didn't want anything that would be harmful for our children to be around.

Justin: We had a baby in October of 2013. Last year he started getting little bites on his face. Obviously, being a first time dad and all that kind of stuff, you're a little freaked out, it's like something's getting in here. Then we start finding ants in the window sill of the room.

Tina: I knew we needed a pest control company. I saw that AllAmerican had a green program. The treatment involves rosemary and lavender. I did not believe that it was going to work, but it smelled great. I was very happily surprised that it worked very well.

Jessi: We've discovered that since we started using AllAmerican that we don't have to use bug spray in our back yard anymore because it gets treated every few months. We live right by the lake and we have not had any trouble with mosquitoes.

Justin: Had called some other places and didn't see ... It was like you're put on a list, you wait a week, you have all this time, and then called AllAmerican, they were on it. They sent somebody out immediately. You can be a little emotional in something like that where it's like, "Okay, my kid's getting bit, I'm dropping everything, I need help with this." They came and totally, kind of ... what would I say? Calmed my mind on everything.

Jessi: It's been really comforting to know that we can all go out in the yard and the kids are not going to be attacked by any kind of bugs. If you have small children, if you like to go out in your yard at all, it is really nice to be able to use AllAmerican to treat your yard and to make your yard a safe place where you can just enjoy being outside.

Tina: You, absolutely, should use AllAmerican Pest Control because you want to know that you are secure. You want to know you have no worries. First thing is to make sure you have pest control and All-American is a company you can trust. I could not be more pleased with the service that we're getting with AllAmerican.

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