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Green, environmentally responsible, sustainability, carbon footprint, conservation, tree hugger, energy efficient, hybrid…

It is quite amazing how Nashville and the rest of the country is becoming more and more aware of the impact each person has on our world and the small things that each of us can do to make a big difference.

Not surprising, I’m sure… there is green technology available to you in pest control and termite protection services as well. I’m giving a presentation on September 22 at the Home Builders Associate on this topic. My presentation outlines 3 main points:

  • How have EPA regulations changed the face of the termite control industry due to health concerns, environmental concerns & ineffectiveness?
  • What are some real life, real small business results to support green verses traditional approaches?
  • Can you afford or afford not to go green?

At All-American we believe in continuously researching new technology to serve our customers better.  We offer green pest control and green termite protection, but we also offer some incredible, effective more traditional approaches.  We do not offer anything that we would not feel comfortable using at our personal homes.

If you would like to learn more about pest control or termite protection for your home, feel free to email or call me.