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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Rodents are among the most common pests that plague property owners in this region. Rodents are extremely opportunistic creatures that will promptly capitalize on opportunities for entering a home when food sources exist or when seeking shelter during the colder months. Estimates suggest that rodents infiltrate more than 20 million homes across the U.S. each year, create health risks, and cause damage to property.

Some of the most prevalent types include house mice, deer mice, Norway rats, roof rats, and squirrels. One commonality that these pests share is having overgrown front teeth (incisors) that encourage these creatures to continually gnaw on many materials.

The roof rat (Rattus rattus) is commonly also referred to as the ship rat or black rat and originated overseas in parts of Asia. This troublesome creature is generally nocturnal, and experts gave it an apt name due to these rats using their excellent climbing ability to seek shelter by entering the upper floors.

What do roof rats eat? Roof rats consume an omnivorous diet based on their environment that includes nuts, seeds, fruits, land slugs, cockroaches, and more. When near bodies of water, roof rats may eat fish and other types of aquatic creatures.

Has your property been invaded by roof rats or another unwanted rodent? A Brentwood pest control professional will safely eliminate these pests and explain many of the best practices regarding how to keep rats away from the premises.

Identifying Roof Rats

The roof rat in Brentwood is slightly smaller than the Norway rats, which contributes to its climbing capabilities. The body of a roof rat appears either dark brown or black and usually ranges from six to eight inches long and has a tail of approximately the same length. Roof rats have four legs, a somewhat pointed nose, and large ears.

A property owner may initially detect them when they hear roof rats rummaging across roofs or through attics at night. Roof rats also leave trails of excrement as a key indicator.

Roof Rats Could Destroy Wiring In Your House

Roof rats commonly burrow and chew through insulation and drywall and could create a fire when damaging the wiring. Are roof rats dangerous? Aside from damaging property, roof rats carry a host of diseases and have exposure to parasites. Some of the primary concerns include leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, and other harmful conditions.

Ways To Deter Roof Rats In Brentwood

Property owners struggling with how to get rid of roof rats should gain an understanding of the best ways of deterring these pests. Some of the best practices include:

  • Trim back tree branches and shrubs near the structure that roof rats might climb.
  • Remove bird feeders, pick up fallen fruit, and never leave pet food bowls on patios or decks.
  • Inspect eaves, windows, and roof areas for any openings that might allow access.
  • Keep trash bags placed outside in durable, sealed garbage receptacles.

Keep in mind that once roof rats enter a home, they will likely create nests and reproduce; therefore, minor intrusions may transition into full infestations over several months.

Getting Rid Of Roof Rats For Good

The properly trained experts with All-American Pest Control offer several comprehensive, year-round property pest protection plans for clients in the Brentwood region. Our All-For-One Advantage Program involves multiple treatment visits by a professional that understands the most prevalent pests for different seasons of the year and acts accordingly. Our technician will remove spider webs from exterior areas that are at elevations of up to 20 feet.

The All-For-One Advantage Program includes exterior misting treatments that target bees, wasps, beetles, and mosquitoes. We also deploy products from Sentricon, which has demonstrated tremendous success against termites, and our Termite Damage Repair Guarantee backs it and ensures customer satisfaction.

Each member of our service team receives rigorous training and may deploy many of the latest products and treatment methods that have emerged in the pest control industry today. We always conduct a detailed property inspection that includes checking many hard-to-reach areas where many types of pests will hide and begin reproducing. Contact us today for an assessment. 

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