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Termites are still an ongoing problem in Middle Tennessee, but termite control measures have come along way since the 1900's when attempts were made to protect homes when arsenic dust and DDT. Since then, there have been many technological advancements made in the termite control industry to help us better protect our homes from structural damage due to termite infestations. While nothing is 100% fool proof when it comes to nature and protecting homes from termites, we have arrived to an age in the development of termite control where we have sensible, environment responsible, and effective termite control measures available to us.  These advancements are nothing but great news to homeowners, and pest control companies now feel more confident than ever before in their control measures and service offerings. My company, All-American Pest Control, is so much more confident with our termite protection service offerings that we now offer a termite damage repair agreement for 90% of all homes. In the past, we only offered termite damage repair agreements for 20% of homes.

Ants are the new termite!  These days ant infestations can be much more of a headache for home owners and pest control companies. Ants will never cause as much structural damage as termites so the fear will never be as prevalent as termite- but ants are sure quite a nuisance and can be difficult to control. Two species of ants that we regularly encounter in homes in Middle Tennessee are the Carpenter Ant and the Odorous House Ant. Ants can be eliminated.  Successful control measures include inspections around moisture sources to uncover a primary and/or secondary nest, study of the behavior and trailing of the ants, identification of the ant, removal of any competing food sources, a baiting treatment when necessary, and a bit of patience. We generally recommend an on-going service for ant problems.  Often it may take 2-3 trips to successfully eliminate an ant problem.  With our on-going service, additional trips are covered for no additional charge.