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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Mosquitoes seem to be everywhere this year. Some professionals reason that the increase is due to the warmer than normal winter we experienced… whatever the cause, I sure don’t like to see bites on the back of my sweet 3 year old!

Here is a list of 9 ways to prevent mosquitoes that we complied from an ivillages article. These are good tips especially #1 and #2! If these measure fail… just call us. All-American Pest Control can help!

  1. Remove Standing Water: This could be your pool with the cover still on it. Might be a low spot in the lawn. Whatever the spot might be, standing water promotes a perfect environment for mosquitoes to birth.

  2. Clean Up Yard of Excess: If you have excess vegetation or stored items, maybe some children’s toys it is more than likely that they are holding onto water and providing a habitat for mosquito growth.

  3. Grow Your Own Citronella: Sure you can buy some citronella candles for the porch or deck. Or you can surround your house with the citronella flower itself. Other plants to grow could be pennyroyal, basil and lemongrass, and Catnip.

  4. Use Native Plants for Gardens: Non-native plants generally use more water and can even import with the new habitat. Native plants to our area can thrive without producing an environment ripe for mosquito growth.

  5. Plug in Mosquito Eating Species: You might have one of those great ponds or reflecting pools. You might even have a natural pond in your yard. Consider adding in fish species such as bluegills, minnows, green sunfish to control mosquito growth in those areas.

  6. Use Yellow Outdoor Lights: Turn on an outside light and you get a party of all the flying insects in your yard. Change out those outside bulbs to yellow bulbs as they are less attractive to mosquitoes.

  7. Grill Away: If you strike up the barbecue put some sage and rosemary onto the hot coals. Not only will it make for some nice scents to your outdoor atmosphere the mosquitoes will stay away.

  8. Use Those Commercial Products: You can buy a myriad of items from the local store. Look for the pellets or tablets that you can drop into standing water to help eradicate mosquito eggs. Other spray products can be used to help control areas of the garden.

  9. Get the Pro Treatment: So you have tried all these methods but the mosquitos are crazy? You can give us a call for a professional pest control treatment to sharply diminish the presence of those suckers for the next few months.

If you would like more information about Mosquito Reduction or other pest control services, call/email us today!  We will be glad to start a service over the phone or schedule you for a more comprehensive Free Home Evaluation. A free home evaluation consists of thorough look from a trained professional in, under and around your home. We share our findings and make recommendations as needed.

Created this list off this article: http://www.ivillage.com/10-ways-keep-mosquitos-out-your-yard/7-b-459506#460900

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