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One Bed Bug is One Too Many!

At All-American Pest Control, we understand how terrifying and frustrating bed bugs can be.  That’s why our goal is complete bed bug elimination.  Providing bed bug treatments for both homes and businesses in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, we work with property owners and managers to implement a bed bug control program that meets our “No Bugs and No Bites” standard.  We’ll work with you until everyone in your household or business is reporting that they are no longer seeing bugs and they are no longer experiencing bites.  After all, one bed bug is too many for you and for us!

What to expect from our bed bug control pros 

With All-American Pest Control, you’ll get straight answers, reliable and thorough bed bug treatment methods and hard-working professionals committed to solving your bed bug problem. We have found that a multi-disciplinary approach that includes bed bug heat treatments is absolutely necessary to getting rid of bed bugs.


Why choose All-American for bed bug control?

  • Our effective results

  • Our commitment to complete elimination

  • Our flat rate pricing

  • Our “No Bugs and No Bites” standard

  • Minimal preparation before the initial service

  • Discounts on mattress encasements and interceptors

Bed bug dog inspections

Due to bed bug's nocturnal, elusive and transient nature, they can go undetected by the untrained eye for weeks and even months.  To make matters more complex, individuals have various reactions to bed bug bites, ranging from immediate swelling to delayed bumps to no reaction at all.  When faced with a suspected bed bug infestation, you want a solution as quickly as possible.  At All-American Pest Control, our Nashville bed bug control professionals are just as fierce and committed to finding and exterminating bed bugs problems as you are. That’s why we recommend bed bug dog inspections. At All-American Pest Control, we employ the same technology military and law enforcement agencies use to detect drugs, bombs, fugitives and even cadavers. The only difference: our dogs have been trained to only seek out bed bugs. And it’s been very effective. Bed bug dogs are 90% accurate in identifying bed bugs, as well as nymphs and eggs! Call today to learn more!

Learn more about our professional bed bug services

When you choose All-American Pest Control to get rid of your bed bug problem, you can expect results.  We combat bed bugs using the most up to date pest control methods and technologies.  From trained bed bug dogs to eco-friendly heat treatments, our team is committed to identifying and treating your bed bug problem quickly and effectively.   Learn more about our services by clicking on a link below. 

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