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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1048 Reviews

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Think you might have springtails? If you’ve seen tiny little jumping bugs in your kitchen, bathroom or any place in your home, you probably have a springtail problem. These insects are really tiny- about 1/16 of an inch long. They are wingless and if you are capable of catching one and getting a good look at it, you’ll notice it is grayish purple and its elongated body is covered in tiny protective scales. Although these little jumpers don’t sting or bite, they can be an annoyance when they gather inside or even outside your home in large numbers. They can sometimes damage young plants, but any damage they cause is usually minimal. What can you do to keep these pests out of your home? Here are some helpful tips from the springtail control professionals at All-American Pest Control.

Springtails are attracted to moisture. They will dry out if they can’t find a source of moisture, so especially in the spring and summer when the weather warms up, they will be searching for damp environments in which to live. If you eliminate areas of moisture inside and outside your home, you can limit the springtail problems you encounter. Here’s what you should do:

In your kitchen, reduce moisture by fixing any leaking pipes or faucets. Make sure that areas around appliances are dry and don’t overwater any plants that may be present.

In your bathroom, moisture may seem inevitable. To reduce moisture, install a fan and use it while showering and make sure that pipes are not leaking. You can also use a dehumidifier in this room if moisture is a big problem.

In your basement, check around the washer and dryer to make sure there are no leaks. A dehumidifier in this location can also reduce the areas of dampness that may be attracting springtails.

These tips will help reduce the environments inside your home that may be attracting springtails. Around the exterior of your home, avoid overwatering plants and grass and eliminate any items that may collect rainwater. When springtails begin to congregate around your home in large numbers, they will most likely find a way into your home shortly. To keep springtails out, make sure that window and door screens are intact and fit securely- this can also help to keep out other spring and summer pests that may be a problem for you.

If you have seen these jumping insects around your home and their numbers seem to be increasing, call in the Nashville pest control pros at All-American. We know how to get rid of springtails in the bathroom, the kitchen or any area of your home. Call us today to learn more about our control solutions for springtails and to schedule your first appointment.


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