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October 12, 2018

mosquito on skin

When Does Mosquito Season End in Murfreesboro?

Mosquitoes can hatch from their eggs in a temperature of 50 degrees or more. That means we can see mosquitoes in Murfreesboro and the Greater Nashville area as late as the end of November. Read More

May 25, 2016


As we all know, living in Tennessee, mosquitoes can be quite the problem. There are several steps that you can take as a homeowner to just reduce the chances of them breeding on your property, reduce their breeding… Read More

August 21, 2015

west nile warning

West Nile Virus in Middle Tennessee

There is no way to deny that mosquitoes can carry diseases that can make people sick, but there is no need to panic when we hear scary words like West Nile Virus. In fact, there are over 3,000 species of mosquito… Read More

June 12, 2015

lawn with dew

Mosquito Misting

Mosquitoes are a pain―in every sense of the word. They come each year, in massive quantities, to use you and your family as pin cushions, leaving unsightly bites. If nasty, itchy welts were the only reason to kill… Read More

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