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April 10, 2019

termites in a tennessee home

When and Why Do Termites Swarm in Tennessee?

When do termites swarm in Gallatin, TN? Well, if you're reading this in the spring, the simple answer is, right now. This is when termites swarm. Every year, during the spring, mature termite nests release swarmer… Read More

November 12, 2018

termite colony

Why Termites Are the Silent Destroyers of the Pest World

If termites were feeding on your home right now, would you know it? What would you see? Would there be pale-colored worker termites nibbling on your baseboard? Would you find their droppings along walls or in the… Read More

August 31, 2018

termites up close in franklin home

Why Franklin Residents Need Termite Control As We Head Back To School

This is a busy time of year, for parents who are sending kids back to school. It is also a busy time of year for termites--not that you would notice. Worker termites have an aversion to light so they stay hidden… Read More

June 19, 2018

termite infested wood

Why Every Nashville Home Needs Termite Protection

For most people, termites are mysterious insects that can eat us out of house and home. Beyond that, not much more is understood. But there is more than one type of termite in the United States. We have drywood… Read More

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