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May 23, 2017

technician installing termite bait station

How To Stop Termites Before They Do Damage

Here in Tennessee, we have subterranean termites. If you're not familiar with these termites, they are the most destructive termites in the United States, they can tunnel as far as the length of a football field to… Read More

March 6, 2015

image of termites doing damage to a tennessee home

Termite Awareness Week Begins March 15th

Spring is (almost) in the air...not that you can tell after the winter we've had around here! But hopefully soon, the birds will be singing, the grass will be turning green and the trees will start to show signs of… Read More

February 16, 2015

swarmers in nashville

Swarming Termites Arriving Soon

As spring approaches, the weather is warming, birds are returning, and everything is coming back to life. This is when termite swarmers take to the air, to breed and spread. To protect your home from termites you… Read More

January 14, 2015

image of a termite up close

Termites 101: What Every Homeowner Should Know

For over millions of years the real king of the underworld has been the termite. These tiny insects have been chewing their way through wood, drywall, plastics and any other material made of cellulose that can be… Read More

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